Bolt 2 Painpoints

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Most if the issues i have had with Bolt 2 is now fixed with A.10, like many others i'm dying to start using this in production, its going to be awesome. I have a couple pain points introduced in Bolt2(as compared to Bolt1) and i'm hoping maybe some of them can be addressed.

1. Being able to disable the black box on output values:

In my opinion it ends up covering a lot of things, and i cant move it. Maybe make it more transparent or completely remove it would help? I've seen others on discord mentioning the same thing.

2. Not automatically opening the instance i'm working on.

In Bolt 1 you press play and the graph is already rolling. I Bolt 2 you first have to find the instance, then find the correct class/graph. I believe this will be a major pain point for new/experienced users as well as returning Bolt 1 users. This is my major issue now with B2.

Is there anyway to select the instance that corresponds to:
Selected GameObject in SceneView
Open Graph in Explorer.

3. Comments resizing.

This was always a pain for me in Bolt 1. When zooming out the comment size increases massively and ends up covering the graphs:

An option to keep the comment size the same always would be great.

4. Fuzzy finder speed.

In A.10 "nav mesh agent des" takes 10 sec to complete on a Ryzen 3200. Waiting regularly for 10 sec feels pretty bad. 
"mesh rend set mat" gives the same results.

I understand this is problematic to fix, but what are our options to speed this up if they are used regularly? Would clearing out a lot of the default unused ones help?


Bolt 2 is already a game changer, i'm looking forward to work with it full time. Thanks for all the hard work put into the product.

Bolt Version:
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.NET Version (API Compatibility Level):
.NET 4.x
Bolt 2

Thanks for putting these together!  I agree, and while I don't think any of these are deal-breakers or major issues in and of themselves, I think they can make Bolt 2 that much more awesome.

I'd also argue for a new macro icon.  I know we want it similar, but in the explorer tree it is seriously hard to tell the difference.  Maybe on a better monitor it would be clearer, but for me it is difficult to tell the two apart, even when looking for the difference.

Thanks, indeed these are not game breakers but improvements. 

I noticed that as well, my suggestion is to simply make the arrow striped as well:


Yes! 100% agree on all of these.