delete relation or connection

Ed WonWon 4 years ago updated by cdr9042 8 months ago 5

love the BOLT plugin and the overall design BUT I cannot seem to figure out how to delete or redirect a connection or relation

I've tried every combination of selection, pressing delete, right click and drage over the line, shake the unit, nothing works. Please make this aspect more intuitive, and at the very least add it to the documentation.

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Right click the connection arrow, to remove a connection. Redirecting isn't in there just yet, coming in a future version. Lots of workflow and editor enhancements. Check the roadmap on this forum.


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Hi Ed! Welcome to the community.

Yes, indeed, just right click any port to remove its associated connections. I'll make sure to add a note to the documentation.

When I get to the point in the roadmap where I rework connections, I might make them selectable and rethink how they're deleted as well so that it's more intuitive. This is also when redirection will be added.

It's been 3 years, the feature hasn't been added yet?

awesome, thank you!