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Unit port type inference failing to run automatically after assembly reload

Lazlo Bonin (Lead Developer) 2 years ago updated 2 years ago 7 6 duplicates

You will notice ports, often on proxies, showing the object type instead of their linked types.

This will cause various errors in both the editor GUI, the live runtime and the code generation which all rely on type inference.

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Bolt 2

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It looks like the primarily affected proxies are wired from Function graph inputs and outputs.

Hi TowerCrow,

Thanks for the report.

From these screenshots I think what may be happening is that the type inference was lost when you switched to Generated runtime, which caused this failing conversion as the proxy lost its proper type.

I'll merge this with the open inference bug.

Another example of the issue that's not related to Bolt Assets:


1. Create a new Bolt Class
2. Add a behavior graph, a function graph, a List <GameObject> class variable, a class variable of type GameObject.
3. Invoke the function graph in behavior graph:

Function graph looks like this:

4. Generate C# scripts.

After domain reload proxy from function input and index from for loop breaks:

Fixed (Unreleased)

Hi everyone,

Thanks for the reports.

I've found the cause and fixed it for the next version.

TowerCrow, I also fixed the Self issue you reported on Discord.

Hi Elvishish,

This is related to the type inference bug that's already been fixed but unreleased. Merging.