Spherecast for Ground Check in World Space?

Preston Schulz 10 months ago updated 10 months ago 3

So I am trying to do a ground check on my ball character to keep it from jumping while still in mid air.  I thought I would try using a spherecast since it would also take the width of the ball into account.  I had jumping working either all the time without taking the spherecast into account (not what I want) or the ball would only jump after doing a complete revolution, as if the spherecast was rotating with the ball also.  So this is my new setup:

The problem is that now the ball will not jump at all.  I'm new to all this, so clearly there is something I'm not understanding.  Any thoughts?


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Windows 7
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probably you dont catch any collider or catch collider of the character/ try layer mask of the ground and maybe more max distance- its 0.1 in your sphere cast lower then radius 0.5

So I messed around with the values more to no success. I did notice in my flow that I am getting a returned false value in my boolean for the jump event, and tracing it back to the collider, it's returning a null value. Could this be the issue? When I change the flow from the boolean to be false, I can then jump.

Still bumbling around with this.  I know it should be easier then this!  Any ideas?