How to choose random letters from a variable?

Vladimir 2 years ago updated by Nikita 2 years ago 6

How to choose random letters from a variable?

I created a scene variable with an alphabet, separated by a comma. How to select random 5 characters from the alphabet and add them to a new variable? Help me please!

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if its a List /  flow is 1 you create random  integer 2 take random  item from list with that integer.  

with array probably it works the same

ye with array works too

Thanks a lot! I will try this.

if you need 5 letters you need loop this 5 times

I can use "Char array" or "List strings" instead of "Aot List" in variable "Random Letter List"? I get an error.

just try / i think yes / error probably cos you forget to enter type before hit play.  maybe smth else