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Connection values randomly stop showing

JoeBravo 1 year ago updated by Lazlo Bonin (Lead Developer) 1 year ago 4

Hello. I'm relatively new to development with Bolt but in my most recent project, there appears to be a bug (i think) in which the connection values transmitted between ports have stopped showing, and seem to occasionally show up when I fully restart the system. I am not able to reproduce this, and at the time of writing, I cannot get the values to show up at all, in any of my projects. Yes, I have the "Show Connection Values" box ticked in the preferences, and yes I have fiddled with the "Values" button on the graph editor, turning it on and off in and out of play mode, but it does nothing. When checking the "Predict Connection Values" box, I do get shown the appropriate predictable values, but they also disappear when in play mode. I do not know if it is relevant at all, but I am developing for mobile and have been using the Unity Remote app to playtest live. I have tried resetting to default settings and reinstalling bolt, but so far to no avail. It kind of bums me out, because I really like the feature. Any suggestions? I feel like I may be missing something trivial here.

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.NET Standard 2.0

I ran into the same issue.  It is probably because you need to open the graph on the instance of the class used on an object.  If you open the graph from the class definition, it won't show values because the definition doesn't live in the scene, only the instance of it is that lives on a game object.

Yeah, that was it! Thank you, friend. Basically, if I want to see the values shown correctly, I need to open the graph from the object in the hierarchy, not from the list of macros in my assets folder.

Hey JoeBravo, 

Did this fully resolve your issue or is there something else you'd like us to look at?

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