Feature Idea: Quick / Align / Snap nodes to other nodes based on the edges.

David Svezhintsev 2 years ago 0

Currently in Bolt 2.0 we have Snapping feature, which is great, but I think it could be improved upon by adding snapping to edges of close-surrounding nodes.

Here is example of when it would be useful. In here, you have to use your eye to kinda align the Transform and Vector 3 node, and that just takes time. It would be much easier / faster / pleasurable to just align Vector 3 to the right edge of Transform, or vice-versa. (Also notice how Update line changed cause Rotate unit changed? I wonder if adding a minimum width to nodes would solve that)

Current Bolt Snapping:

Here is the concept of such snapping that I quickly made to showcase the idea in my UI Design Software (Figma): 

I just wanted to post this here and see if this has any value to other Bolt users? Seems like a neat solution for alignment, could be used to align groups of nodes by the top edges of other nodes.

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.NET 4.x
Bolt 2