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2.0.0a8 Event dispatch design issue with On Enable / On Disable events in modular behaviours

NeedsLoomis 2 years ago updated by Lazlo Bonin (Lead Developer) 1 year ago 3 1 duplicate

On the first collision, nothing happens (no log, the console is clear), on the second collision I get the error "Trying to activate OnEnable#03064... while already active"

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.NET 4.x
Bolt 2

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Thanks for the report.

The issue here is that On Enable does not get called when activating a modular behaviour graph.

This is more of a design concern than just a bug. I'll think about the appropriate behaviour here.

Hi Bobby,

Sorry about this issue and thanks for the report. I was just working on On Enable and On Disable issues today, so I'll check this one at the same time. I'll merge this thread with the main one.