2.0a8: Inspector Foldouts Don't Expand

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There is no actual steps to the process, or errors. I installed Bolt and immediately cannot expand any of the Foldouts in the class inspector. Tried a restart with no change. I played with panel positions and hiding other windows, but also no change. I am not the only one experiencing the issues from what I'm getting from others on Discord. 

EDIT: I can confirm this is a problem with Unity 2019.3+ and Bolt, I downgraded to 2019.2 and it works fine. 

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.NET 4.x
Bolt 2


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Same here, a workaround is to select the variable directly on the left, but sub variables, like ones on a macro, can't be edited this way, which means that setting the type of a List in a macro is impossible.


Just got this bug in some of my own editor scripts.  It seems like Unity changed the default behavior of foldouts in 2019.3

If you need a temp fix until Bolt is patched, you can change Assets\Ludiq\Ludiq.Core\Editor\Inspection\Editor.cs line 590 from

foldoutExpanded = hasContent && EditorGUI.Foldout(foldoutPosition, foldoutExpanded, GUIContent.none);


foldoutExpanded = hasContent && EditorGUI.Foldout(foldoutPosition, foldoutExpanded, GUIContent.none, true);

That seems correct.


Thank you for reporting this. Sorry you're experiencing this, our lead developer Lazlo will address this topic as soon as possible. Thanks for your patience. 

Kind regards,

Hasan from Ludiq

Fixed (Unreleased)

Hi Jason,

Thanks, this will be fixed in Alpha 9.