Bug?? When I use Load Scene Additive ....

이승우 4 years ago updated by Lazlo Bonin (Lead Developer) 4 years ago 8

Our game consists of logic and background as separate scenes.

If there is a graph in the added scene, an error occurs.

The added graph can not access its own scene value.

So we promised not to use the scene value in the added scene.

Still, the onscreen error message is annoying.

Provide appropriate guidance when using additive scenes

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Confirmed, working on fix for v.1.0.5, should be easy enough.

Oh Good~!!

Thank you Very much ~~~!!!

And please check send custom event to added scene's graph from origin scene's graph.

What do you mean? If you have another error, please post a new topic with the stack trace and the steps to reproduce it.

I'm sorry.
never mind.
It seems to be my mistake.
I will check it a little more and post it if I find the error.

Thank you for your efforts.