Bolt with Tesseract Dll's. Would it be possible.

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Hi there Lazlo, any chances or ways to get Tesseract OCR working in Bolt.

I have googled my head off and cannot find a way to get Tesseract into Unity.

There are GitHub wrappers dll’s. So I thought if it can be done with MS visual studio these dll’s I could use them in Bolt Assemblies Or what do you say?

Thanks for your answer, even if you say no or no idea. At least I know then.

This is big missing from Unity. OCR possibilities and It surprises me.  


Bolt Version:
Unity Version:
Scripting Backend:
.NET Version (API Compatibility Level):

.DLL's should be assessable by adding them through assemblies.

Thanks william, I'll give it a go later.

Pending Review

Bolt can use code from any .NET (C#) DLL. Native (C++) DLL's are not supported.

Thanks, does that mean I could use this? Tesseract


sorry I meant this link for tesseract wrapper. but I think now I am going to just try google vision in unity with bolt. But would this wrapper be something I could use in Unity and bolt would see it?


Aside from piquing my curiosity it may me helpful to understand what you're  trying to accomplish with OCR systems in Unity If your two aforementioned choices do not pan out Lazlo or someone may be able to point to a viable alternative or solution. 

Hi Lazlo, please kill this post, as I think this subject is too complicated to discuss in the Bolt forum.

Thanks from Eagleeyez

Hi William, it is 3.36am here in Germany so I will explain all later on today just what it is I wish to do in OCR. First I am going to bed. Good night all.

This is the reason:


  I myself have Stargardt’s macular degeneration at its worst stage. I am actually registered as blind. To use Unity or for that matter anything on the computer I need special zoom software called zoomtext and I sit about 5cm away from the monitor.  When making tutorials my first screen is constantly zooming in and out to see what I am doing and the second screen is showing a normal view, so that my MovAvi screen capture can capture just the second monitor and not the zoomed monitor. Writing and reading this, I also use TTS software.


So as you can see those special glasses are from ODG. ODG will be coming out this year with  2 consumer models the R8 and R9. They both will have the new snapdragon 835 chip but the r9 will have 1080p per eye and the R8 has 720p per eye.

The R8 is what I am waiting for which will cost just under 1000$ much cheaper than 6000$ for the Nueyes posted above.  

Then there is this which is actually available now




For about 3000$ which is basically just a camera with and mini Android pc attached to it. It is the Text recognition what interests me.

So I am looking into if I can do this in Unity, otherwise I am going to have to learn Android Studio and Java. That is why I am trying to find a wrapper for Tesseract or another way of doing OCR in Unity and it surprises me that there is nothing in the asset store other than OpenCV which I’ll probably have to learn anyway. This is just a project for me at the moment but if I get it working it would help millions of others who just cannot afford the other solutions. My main interest in Unity is developing games.

So that’s my story and I hope I didn’t bore you too much.



Did not bore at all. Thank you for sharing and I applaud your inventiveness. Having family who suffer from sight issues I can slightly relate and being a developer would be challenging without visual comprehension. It also explains your preference for video tutorials. I thought you may be interested in OCR tech for others, had not considered yourself. If I come across anything that you may find useful I'll pass it along. Hopefully Lazlo will have some suggestions. 



I think I just found exactly what I need and it is even on Sale now


OpenCV for Unity. I didn’t realize that it is now version 3 and that includes Tesseract.

Yahoo!! I’ve Just got to learn this programming stuff and Bolt.


Glad you found a library! :) The .NET wrapper you linked earlier should be compatible too. Just make sure to add the assembly in your assembly options in the unit options wizard.


OpenCV sadly cannot detect spaces between words, so I cannot use that.

I wrote to the developers of Google speech plugin for Unity and asked them if they could do a Google vision plugin. To my surprise they said yes and have got it finished under 20 days.

It is now awaiting asset store approvals. So now I can make my own glasses using Bolt, Google Vision and the ODG R9 or R8.  

This is the forum to Google Vision https://forum.unity.com/threads/new-unity3d-google-cloud-vision.501256/#post-3262147