Can't create graph connections, graph instance not found via parent

Daniel Robbins 2 years ago updated by Lazlo Bonin (Lead Developer) 2 years ago 6

Trying to drag connections from one unit to another and at some point Bolt fails to allow any connections. This is happening to me around every five minutes and the only way I get around it is quitting Unity and restarting.

Here's the problem in action:

And here's another variation of the bug where I can't create a unit:
Bolt Version:
Unity Version:
Scripting Backend:
.NET Version (API Compatibility Level):
.NET Standard 2.0
Bolt 2

Thanks for looking into it. I'll let you know if it crops up again.

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Hi Daniel,

Thanks for the report. This is likely the side effect of one or more of the numerous bugs in Alpha 6. It's hard to tell exactly what may be going on in that case without clear reproduction steps, as it may be a sum of things. I'll mark this as NMI for now, please let me know if it occurs again in the next version.

Lazlo, here's a ZIP of the very simple project (no 3D assets) if you want to reproduce for yourself. Again, this occurs, for me, around every five minutes. Sometimes it's fixed by running the project but often I have to restart.


Hi Daniel,

Thanks for the project, I downloaded it and I'll have a look later. However, without clear reproduction steps, if I can't get the issue to happen within a few minutes, I can't spend more time investigating.

For future reference, please never publicly upload projects that contain the Ludiq folder. Doing so, you are redistributing Bolt online for free, which is illegal.


Here's a video showing the repro (with my project):

And here's the Zipped project without the Ludiq/Bolt folder (AFAIK)


  1. Run Unity
  2. Open project
  3. Open "Main" graph from "Item Generic Class" class
  4. Pan and scroll such that the Null Check logic section is visible
  5. Delete connection from "Set Title Text" to "Set Text" in the Null branch of the Null check
  6. Try re-creating that graph connection (or any other) and they connections can't be made.

NOTE: I am not seeing this behavior in Bolt Alpha 7. Also it might have something to do with my not having set scripting to .Net 4. 


Hi Daniel,

Thanks for the update. If you no longer experience this bug, considering the dozens of fixes that were made in A7 and the fact that you're now using the required .NET 4.x, I'll assume this issue was fixed along the way and close this ticket for the time being. If ever you encounter the issue again, please feel free to comment with more information.