A unit to clear saved variables during runtime

HeathClose 2 years ago updated 2 years ago 0

I have put a mechanism for publishers, testers, developers to reset the game during runtime they so can start over and test a bug or mechanic or math (idle games) etc... also, the way my game is structured, moving on to the next phase of the game requires a wipe of all saved goals... however, my saved variables are persisting through the reset so that while all other playerprefs are wiped and the main menu is reloaded, when I enter the first scene and have managers do a check if certain saved variables exist, bolt thinks they do... I got this explanation from Reality.Stop() on discord...

Would it be possible to get a unit made for this?  I need this to be able to have my game work the way it's designed... and I have a publisher that wants to see the game and I want to be able to have this reset mechanic working properly.... 

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.NET 4.x