I want to make a save and load system like rpg

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I am super noob. I have just started making games. I want to know how to create a system that can create multiple save files like rpg.

Can it be made using bolts? Or is it impossible without learning c #?

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Sure you can.  In Bolt 1 I believe there was a community made binary saver unit.

Doing it yourself there are many options than can be done in Bolt.

You can easily save standard text files with plain text, or JSON files, or XML.

You can get the ideal filepath for your target platform from unity: https://docs.unity3d.com/ScriptReference/Application-persistentDataPath.html?_ga=2.184729898.2045932185.1577989008-585100719.1483219507

Or if you want things secure where someone can't find the files on the computer or mobile phone and modify them, you can open a C# Binary stream and save and load your files in binary data (Which is what I do).

You can also use Unity's built in "Player prefs" system which is probably the easiest.

AND you mentioned RPG.  Are you needing to just store data in general as opposed to need to create persistent files?  In Bolt 2 they added the "Class Asset" type which are bolt versions of Scriptable Objects where you can store data on them to define character traits or whatever you need.  However, data you write to them in game doesn't save across game loads.

Thank you for your reply!

I am a newbie in game making. I understand that character's level and money, the variable that manages the conversation progress of the character use saved variables

How does the bolt node load like rpg?Can PlayerPrefs be used with bolts?

Bolt is mostly just a graphical representation of C#.  So a vast majority of what can be done in C# can be done in bolt.  Bolt is not a bunch of premade things that already have functionality (Like say Playmaker).  It is for visual scripting of C# code.  It does have a few bespoke nodes to do some special stuff but it is the minority.

But yeah, give player prefs a try in bolt, I don't see any reason why it would not work since Bolt access all the same code and same UNITY API.  There is no reason it shouldn't.