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Bolt editor performance issues on 2019.3

Ex-Crow 2 years ago updated by Lazlo Bonin (Lead Developer) 2 years ago 1
Selecting a GameObject with a Flow Machine component in Hierarchy while in Play mode significantly reduces Editor performance. Selecting any other object that doesn't possess a Flow Machine component (or, perhaps, the object variables component) fixes the issue. It's not the Graph window because the graph kept animating even with the object deselected. So it must be the Flow Machine component or object variables component. 

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.NET 4.x
Cannot Fix

Hi TowerCrow,

This is a known issue related to the fact that Unity re-serializes every inspected component at every frame. It's extremely annoying and puzzling because there's seemingly no reason to do this, but I can't fix it.

You can either minimize the component or, for machines, make sure you use macros instead of embeds (this way, the embed graph itself doesn't get reserialized at every frame).

In Bolt 2, none of this is an issue because a) we use a much faster serializer, Odin and b) the graphs are always stored on class assets (equiv. of B1 "macros"), so they never get reserialized from the inspector.