2.0.0a Potential bug (possible feature request) unintuitive object creation.

NeedsLoomis 2 years ago updated 2 years ago 1

When linking an object created in one event (Start) for use in another (Update), instead of generating a variable with the proper scope, Bolt just generates a new object in both places.

I would assume the port would create a connection that carries the object, or throw a warning if not possible.

Right now, if it works the way it appears to, the user will potentially generate garbage and be confused by data resetting.

Unless there's something I'm missing, the current solution is to clutter up your graphs/classes with variables and get/sets.

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.NET 4.x

Hello NeedsLoomis,

I apologize for the late reply on this. I'm going to move this to the question category and pass it on to your lead developer Lazlo. You should hear back from him soon.


Hasan from Ludiq