How can I perform loop processing on a frame-by-frame basis?

uasernamako 2 years ago updated by Lazlo Bonin (Lead Developer) 2 years ago 2

Perhaps the same content has been posted many times in the forum, but it could not be resolved, so let me ask a question.

I thought I would delay the execution of List and array elements in units of 1 frame (or any time), but the ForLoop unit looped within 1 frame and could not be executed in a delayed manner.

(An error occurred in such a graph)

For example, I want to create a process that pops up a treasure chest image every time I take an array element.

The same process was created in the coroutine in the script, but what kind of flow graph should I make for the process that behaves like this?

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I'm sorry, when I turned on the start event coroutine, NextFrame worked.

And this seems to be able to do the same by turning on the custom event coroutine and was built with a super unit.

If custom events are used, the flow transition cannot be followed, so it was desirable that ForLoop should be able to be executed in a delayed manner.(It would have been ideal if the super unit itself could turn on coroutines)
However, I decided that the implementation was fine.


Hi uasernamako,

Sorry for the late reply, glad you got it working in the end.