After deleting a Scene Variable, all scene variable are broken..

Mykel 2 years ago updated by Lazlo Bonin (Lead Developer) 2 years ago 2

After deleting a scene variable, seems like all Scene variable are broken. I deleted first in the list.

I keep getting "variable not found" for every single scene variable on all my flows...

I tried deleting all variables and recreating them and relinking them, feels like something is broken.

Reopened the scene, reopened project. nothing work anymore.. always getting to error messages.

Bolt Version:
Unity Version:
Scripting Backend:
.NET Version (API Compatibility Level):
.NET 4.x

ok, I found it, I renamed Scene Variables gameobject. It will recreate a new one if its the case without the variables. Switching back to original name worked for me.


Hi Mykel,

Sorry for the late reply, glad you got it working again. If you ever encounter this again, feel free to post reproduction steps and logs so we can investigate.