Vanishing object when tracking mouse?

SchmittFace 2 years ago updated 2 years ago 1

Total novice, but I have an object acting as a custom cursor, that follows the player's mouse throughout the scene, I thought it'd be pretty easy.. get the mouse position, (i made it get the x & y components so I could make sure that the mouse wasn't throwing it off with some z-axis funk), press play and.... it vanishes completely. Shows the right coordinates, but the object is nowhere to be 'scene'..

Thought it might be the use of the update function, but its the same when using any input method, too.

-1 on the Z axis is perfectly visible to camera when not using this graph, so anyone got a scooby why it'd do that, or a better way to simply have the object follow the mouse, much appreciated!

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Oh hey there's literally a SerCursor feature in there, nowhere near the right size but with fiddling that might work instead!