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thierry_st_malo 2 years ago updated 2 years ago 2

Hi, all.

I have been using Playmaker for some time, but now I want to create my first 3rd person controller with Bolt. So I downloaded the "Bolt Kit: Third Person" thing and found it unusable for me ( a complex "Sample project" with no hints or comments as far as I can see ). I assumed that there would be some associated tutorial somewhere and asked Support about it. Having received at long last a.. let's say not very useful answer, I will now approach my problem from another angle.

There is a "Third Person Controller" video. Looks interesting, but of course there is no animated character attached. As I know nothing of animation techniques in Unity except that they have changed over time, I need to download or purchase such a character from the Asset Store.

So my question is : can I select any animated character fom the Asset Store, or are there any features that must be present to be compatible with this video ?

Thanks for your help.

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You could download one of the numerous free models on the asset store, no need to spend money for learning purposes. Here's one: https://assetstore.unity.com/packages/3d/characters/unity-chan-model-18705