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"Tween" unit type missing in bolt wizard while seen in Rider

Alexander Vinogradov 2 years ago updated 1 year ago 10

Hi! I use DOTween free and Bolt does not see unit type "Tween" when I try to add it in the wizard.
Meanwhile, DOTween is working perfectly from code and Rider sees all types.
I've tried to reimport all assets. I've tried to delete and reinstall both assets sequentially but the problem is still present.

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.NET 4.x

Did you add all dotween dlls in Assemblies tab first? You won't see the Types until you add Assemblies. 


Also, I've tried to do it on a clean project - same result.
I can share git repo in private message.

Hey Alexander,

I'm sorry that you are running into this issue. Do you have any warning logs or errors in your console? If you do please take a screenshot of the error's full stack trace. In the meantime you can also send us your git repo in a private message through our support email: support@ludiq.io


Hasan from Ludiq

Just a guess: are you targetting an AOT platform?

If so, that might cause it to be hidden, because Tween is an abstract type, which isn't fully supported.

See: https://ludiq.io/bolt/faq#aot-safe-mode

Yes, I'm doing mobile. Is there a workaround? Should I create a class like AOTLibrary where I will reference all needed types? Or there is some other way?

Try switching from mobile to desktop, add Tween, build units, then switch back to mobile. We're using tweening a lot in our WebGL build that started of on Desktop. We can do all we need to do without issues. Perhaps not all of it is completely unsafe?

EDIT: + do you actually need "Tween"? Most of DoTween can be run via its DO shortcuts in combo with these macros: https://support.ludiq.io/communities/5/topics/1145-tween-options-dotween You could also get DoTween Pro and use Pro's animation editor and script that can also be controlled via Bolt on mobile/webGL. 

I've built a bunch of macros like this: 

Inside is the DO shortcut and Tween Options macro from the thread linked above.

Works fine on AOT platforms.

"perhaps it's not completely unsafe?"

That's correct, it's *sometimes safe*. But I couldn't find a way to guarantee or check that in all cases, hence why I made an "AOT Safe Mode" that's overly strict but can be disabled with a checkbox (at your own risk).

Thankfully none of this is an issue in Bolt 2 anymore as builds always run from C#.

I'm having the problem: try to kill all twins of specific tween on the object on a separate event, other than which has started a tween animation. For example, stat move tween on state enter and kill in on Mouse click. I think it's because Tween reference could not be established.

Not a Bug

Hi Alexander,

The workaround, as indicated in the documentation page I link, is just to uncheck "AOT Safe Mode" from the preference (then maybe restart Unity).