Object inherits movement and rotation. How keep the movement but avoid the rotation?

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Hello there,

enthusiastic noob here: I am having a player object which consists out of two parts, a sphere and a ring (like a belt) around it. I animate the spere as a rigid body and let the player control it. The belt is a subobject which is inheriting the movement and the rotation of the sphere. How would you prevent it from rotating but keeping the movement?

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Hi there,

since no one answered so far, let me elaborate a little more about my problem.

That's my game character and it consists of two parts which are separate models. The sphere core body and the ring with the eyes. I have a rigid body movement on the body which lets it roll. The eyes are a subobject of the body and by that, the positioning works well. But the subobject also inherits the rotation of the rigid body. This rotation concerns only the X-axis. Therefore my plan is to feed the subobject a "literal float" of 0 and make the rotation stop. Unfortunately, I am not really getting to results. 

Please, I really could use some help here.

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I'm not sure if I understood it right. But could it that be, what you want to do?

Hello Elin,

that is exactly what I wanted. So far I was able to avoid the belt to rotate, but it did not take over the direction like your flow graph does. Would you mind sending me the macro?  That would save me the effort to recreate and I could right away step into the analysis and learning phase.

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Ps.: If I ever can return the favor, my talents are more on the graphics side, don't hesitate!

I made you a package with the Macro, Mesh and the Scene.

Ps. don't worry. I was also just a 3d artist making models and animations, but i got annoyed, that i was depended from the programmers to get something to work. So I learned first playmaker and then bolt. And now I' the lead programmer in my company :-)

Hello Erin,

way cool, thats the career id like to make. The with positions 3D artist and animator and playmaker I am trough by now. I hope I can get to a level like you are! However, your help is extremely appreciated! 

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Hello Elin,

you defined the variable Eyes. Where is the data in there and what class is the variable (Local, object, scene etc)?



It's a Objekte variable. When you open the scene just select the ball object which has the flow machine. There is the object variable for the eyes. 

Elin, I think I made a mistake: I imported your stuff and after I checked trough and saved the macro, I deleted the model. When I try now to reimport the variable is gone ...:-(

I guess it was a Vector 3 or a vector 2, right?

Simple object Variable the conversion to a transform happens in the graph.
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Yup, I am German. Finally, I managed to get Discord working for me. How do I get in touch with you on discord. Sorry for being such a dummy and thank you for your patience!

Sorry, I forgot.
i can only recommend you to click on connect on the forum main page in the discord panel.
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