When using Sectr streaming with a chunk that has a Bolt State Machine/Scene Variables, the components are duplicated to the reference game object

Tim Williams 2 years ago updated by Lazlo Bonin (Lead Developer) 2 years ago 3

We are using Sectr Streaming to have multiple scenes to have people work on the project.

Every scene that has a bolt state machine/scene variables, has the components copied to the sectr_chunk game object when imported into the main scene, but does not remove them when being reverted. This causes scene variables that have null references, because the scene they are attached to doesn't exist in the main scene.

Is there a way to suppress this auto creation of state machines and scene variables? Note:  They still exist on the Scene Variables objects in both the main scene and the sectr_chunk created scene.

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Removing my state machine and scene variables from the sectr game object, fixed this issue

You can disable automatic scene var object creation in Edit/Preferences/Bolt


Hi Tim,

Glad you managed to resolve the issue by removing the Bolt components from the Sectr game object itself; I'm assuming you found a workaround that still works if the components are on another game object.

Let me know if you cannot find a permanent workaround for this. In the mean time, I will close this as resolved.