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josé eduardo silva muller 2 years ago updated by josé eduardo silva muller 2 years ago 4
Hello, I would like to know if there is a graph curve tool to print variables output according to the X / Y graph, as in the "bezier transform" Dassalt Systemes Virtools tool, would it be possible to do this inside bolt?

this one image exemple



help bolt.jpg
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Hi José Eduardo,

You might be looking for the Animation Curve: Evaluate node. Let me know if that works for you!

but X and Y values of the curve will not necessarily be - time / variable, could be for example - rpm / horse-power (hp) - another question persists, can I insert points to edit this curve?



Yes, AnimationCurve will work regardless of what the axes actually represent. It's just poorly named. The "t" parameter you pass is the X value, and the output of the evaluation is the Y value.

You can insert points into the curve using the built-in curve editor from Unity. Just click on the little curve icon inside the node to open it.