(Top down shooter) movement fix

Surrealism 2 years ago updated 2 years ago 1

Hi, I wanna solve two situations 

1)My character can't rotate when moving as it is stuck in rotation after firing the enemy, I got a Log saying this:

Look rotation viewing vector is zero

2) This setup seems very laggy(something is wrong with these graph that causes lots of jittering when moving, the camera is set to follow player precisely, which I would assume made the jittering more obvious)

Will it be more efficient to use Character Controller instead of Rigidbody if I only want my character to move in a constant vector, not even jumping in the game? If I use Character Controller, will I still be able to attach rigidbody so in the future I can implement knockbacks?

Currently my graph looks like this:

One Flow graph for movement purposes

These 3 are in one flow graph, dictating the movement and rotation of the player.

Next is the state machines to transition between attacking nearest enemy and death

and continued...

The res of the graph is spawning bullets so we can ignore that for now.

So judging by the graphs, what went wrong? Should I use a completely different approach? Any help would be greatly appreciated as I have been stuck at this phase for a very long time, thank you for the troubles!

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Hey anyone knows of this issue? Or is there any top down shooter movement tutorial that is joystick based movement(Not point and click)?