particle on impact area

Surrealism 2 years ago updated 2 years ago 6

Hi, noob question. Anyone knows how to create a flow graph to instantiate a particle on collision? I wanna make some sparks where my bullet lands, thank you!

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There are a lot of ways how to archive that.
I think the easiest one would be using rigidbody triggers

But its not very accurate on high velocity's.
I recommend using a raycast.


Thank you! That helped a lot! It works now.

Hey, I tried to put tags on to the trigger and now it only appears when the projectile hits the player, not on the floor, any idea whats going on?

Does your floor have trigger checked in the collider and has the right tag?

The floor has is trigger unticked and has the Floor tag too, I realised the particle effects appear all the way at the edge of the environment, I guess the raycast is checking the furthest distance and instantiate it? I have done an alternative workaround by having the particle system as children and just activate it when the projectile hits so it will always be the same position as the projectile