Which collider is outputted with "On Trigger Enter 2D"?

kalatix 2 years ago updated by Elin 2 years ago 2

I'm very new to Unity and Bolt, but I'm getting the hang of things with documentation and youtube tutorials, so thanks for those!

I have a character running across a portal, with its collision detected using "On Trigger Enter 2D". For now, I'd like to change the color of the portal. It doesn't seem like the collider output on that event is matching up with the expected input on "Set Color".

What kind of object is "On Trigger Enter 2D" outputting? What is "Set Color" expecting? Is there a way I can convert this to the right type?

I also looked around for a full explanation of the icons, and I couldn't find one in the docs.


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I found the answer to my first question – I should have been using the "sprite renderer" set color instead of the graphic "set color".

BUT my second question remains. Is there documentation for all the little icons?

When you expand the Flow graph you can see the Graph Inspector (Or you open it separate under Window -> Graph Inspector.
Just select the Node and in the Graph inspector is showing the date types.