Now I am happy thanks to the community.

eagleeyez 4 years ago updated by Artistic Noise 4 years ago 1

Now I am happy thanks to the community.

Thanks to all the wonderful people here and very quick answers I will be making the switch away from Playmaker. Even after a very short time with Bolt, I realize when I switch back to Playmaker I am starting to feel color blind and not really having control or an overview of what’s going on. Bolt is very lovely to the eyes and my brain is slowly making the switch to full color mode.

To all PM users it’s different, but differently good. So think differently from now on its better.

Yes maybe you are much quicker at the moment in PM because you have the ECO System giving you premade actions and you are comfortable with it. But we are limited and you do not learn C# just using PM. With Bolt I already realize how much better my understanding is of C# now. So Bolt, is future safe for me.


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Just had the same realization about PM been using it since

1.0 and the differences are so big when it comes to structure.