how to get system time to display

Garnette 2 years ago updated 2 years ago 9

Hi, trying to get the system time to display but, getting errors and no display.  Flow machine and errors below.  Any insight into how to make this work would be greatly appreciated.  Thanks!

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By the way, I've noticed that "String.Concat" node works rather strange and with 4 elements doesn't work at all for me. Try to combine string in other ways, may be it will help. 


I recommend using format string.

Concat only works, if you feed it with strings. To use it you have to convert your values before. 


Hi Elin, I've set it up exactly how you have it and it's not firing.  It's on an embedded flow machine on the TMP text game object that I want to display the time read out.  It won't execute a debug log message either.  Any other ideas?  Thanks!

EDIT:  I re-added, rebuilt and updated the unit options for DATE TIME and now it's working.  No idea what happened....

I am new to Bolt. I could not find the DateTime Now (get) unit. Where/How can I get it.(I could not find DateTime Hour (get), Minute (get) and Second (get) too.

You have to add it to the type options in the unit wizard. Just search for "time span"

I am new to bolt Could you tell me how to add it to the type options in the unit wizard.
And for search for "time span", should I have to do like this ?


There is another easy way, to show datetime in some format. 



That's great!  Thank you Евгений Елисеев