Run flow machine in editor

Zefugi 3 years ago updated by Lazlo Bonin (Lead Developer) 2 years ago 3

I got a bunch of functions for generating landscapes, and I would like to chain them together in a flow graph, to easily build different terrains. This part actually works fine, but I would like to run the flow graph in the editor, and that part causes some problems.

At the moment I got a semi-working version where I trigger a Unity event, that triggers the graph and it runs just fine. Problem is 2nd time I try to run it it doesn't trigger, and I have to remove the macro from the gameobject and re-attach it, to make it work again.

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At this moment this is not really possible. 

You can use on draw gizmo or on gizmo select in the editor but keep in mind that this works like a update event. 


Not sure if I understood correctly, but the Community addon has a Manual Event that you can trigger in Editor with a button on the Graph. Not sure if that fits your use-case or not though.



That is currently indeed the right approach. You could also link event firing logic to your custom editor / window / property drawer by using the Events API: https://ludiq.io/bolt/manual/scripting/events

For example:

if (GUILayout.Button("Trigger Event"))
    CustomEvent.Trigger(myGameObject, "EventName", argument1, argument2, etc.);