Step-by-step debugger?

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I posted this on the Unity forum but wanted to mirror it here.  After a night learning the ropes, I think this is a really promising plugin and I'm hoping to transition away from Playmaker and into this on my next project.

Maybe it's in there and I just haven't found it yet, but one feature that I think would be really helpful is to make the Live Debugger able to step through all the states one-by-one. The predictive and live debuggers are great, visually helpful, but I could still see it being hard to follow specific bits of logic in bigger graphs without a step-by-step analysis tool.

I'm not sure Bolt has this implemented or if there's a plan to get it in there. What say you, developer?


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I believe Lazlo will be implementing breakpoints and possibly adding a fade to units to make them easier to follow in a future update.

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Hi gumbomasta! Welcome to the community.

What exactly do you mean by live debugger? 

In Bolt, you can already see which node is active while in play mode; they are colored blue.

If an error occurs, the offending node will be colored red. Selecting the node will reveal the error in the graph inspector.

If you mean automatically pausing Unity when you reach certain units, then yes, the breakpoint toggle is the suggestion that would handle that. It's currently planned in v.1.2 on the roadmap.

Yeah, this is the functionality I'm looking for.  Looking forward to it.

thx for the rapid response,


Just come looking for the same functionality, more or less.

I was looking for something like the VB6 Debugger : 

Specifically: break points,  run to, step through, step over, and the inspectors/asserts:

This thread seems to have some possible long term answers: https://answers.unity.com/questions/161858/startstop-playmode-from-editor-script.html

But also includes this gem: make a Debug.LogError("test") and make the editor pause on error

But that doesn't seem to allow resumption of execution in OnEnable. Nor does debug.break.