Changing to numeric input while still wiring blanks the graph

Vong 2 years ago updated by Lazlo Bonin (Lead Developer) 2 years ago 4

Switching to Numeric input for the Equals node (and possibly others?) while in the middle of wiring one of its inputs understandably throws NullRef errors. I assume because the input you are in the middle of wiring no longer exists.

Reproduction steps:
1. Make an Equal node
2. Click an input to start dragging (but don't connect it to anything)
3. (while still dragging the wire) Switch to Numeric in the Graph Inspector
4. Graph tab blanks out, console continuously filled with NullReferenceException errors
5. Switch to Play Mode and back to fix.

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Hi AiSard, thanks for the report and clear reproduction steps.

It could be many things, but it's probably a simple fix. I'm not sure I want to "allow" changing graph inspector settings while creating a connection by design, but I'll try to preserve that feature while fixing if I can.

I think its fine to assume you've stopped creating a connection if you start messing with the graph inspector settings. Seems like unnecessary work to preserve such a niche "feature" after all.

So long as you the Bolt graph doesn't suddenly go blank from a seemingly innocuous action I think its a definite win :P