Bolt 2 - DoTween when timeScale = 0

Marcel711 2 years ago updated by Lazlo Bonin (Lead Developer) 12 months ago 4

I use timeScale = 0 for game pause, however I now face the problem that the Tweens I use for UI Animation won't run anymore.

I've read that DoTween offers the possibility to change the timescale settings for the Tweens so that they run independent from the Unity main TimeScale.

Did someone already successfully change DoTween Settings with Bolt2 and can point me to solution how to solve this with Bolt2 Nodes?

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Bolt 2
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Hi Marcel!

Thanks for this question, it made me realize that we forgot to include an input port for timescale-independant tweens in the Advanced mode of the tweening units. I'll see that this is fixed in the next alpha version.

In the mean time, unfortunately, I don't believe there's a way of doing that manually. The SetUpdate method from DOTween is a generic extension method, one of the last types of members we're not able to properly reflect yet. 

Fixed (Unreleased)

Hi Marcel,

Thanks for your patience on this.

I've added an "Unscaled" checkbox to the advanced tween units in the next version.

I've also reworked the display to make it more compact and improved the order of the output ports to reflect a typical order in which the events happen.