C# parsing to graph

ElPasso 2 years ago updated by Ex-Crow 2 years ago 2

Hi guys, i can't seem to find the answer anywhere. Is it possible to parse c# script to graph in Bolt 2 alpha?

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Bolt 2

Unfortunately this is not possible.


Hey. You can't find it because such functionality doesn't exist. Bolt 2 generates C# code from Bolt graphs but it doesn't parse C# code to Bolt graphs. And that generated code will still be Bolt dependent. The whole C# generation is done mainly for performance reasons and not as a means of outputting C# scripts without dependencies.

You could clean up the generated C# scripts to be Bolt independent but then it defeats the purpose of it. Might as well code in C# from the beginning.

So in short, Bolt 2 doesn't parse C# code to Bolt graphs. And there are no plans currently for a such a feature.