Using Bolt to manage the game flow and structure

Felipe Nanni 2 years ago updated 2 years ago 2

Hello! I'm about to buy Bolt, but I'm still not sure if It serves what I need, so I thought of asking here. I'm not an expert programmer, but I'm not afraid of writing code.

The problem that I have is mostly with the general game structure or game flow and making sure that everything that needs to happen at a given moment do happen and at the right order. I could write it directly, using what my friends and I call "mão grande" ("big hand", in portuguese), but in a way that everything is coupled, so it's really difficult to edit or add to it.

Examples: I'd like to create the flow between "Open Game > Splash > Menu with menu navigation > Load Level > End Level > Return to menu..." and so on, without much trouble, with the UI activating/deactivating correctly, sounds playing, transitions. Also, let's say that I'm making a point and click adventure and when the player moves to a new scene, I need to move him to the correct starting position THEN move the camera to the new position THEN fade in from black. But maybe if he goes there when some conditions are true, the game plays a cutscene instead, before giving control back to the player.

Do you think Bolt would be useful for managing this kind of stuff? Thanks!

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With state machines this is no problem at all.

But keep in mind that it all depends how you designed your flows. You can still trigger a lot of events on the same state machine and your timing isn't working at all.
At the end it all depends how you work.

In my option its quite harder to mess timings up in bolt than in c# code.

Ok, thanks, Elin! :)

I bought Bolt and now I'm studying it. I think I prefer writing the code instead of using the nodes, so I'll try to use Bolt to control which State should be active and to call my own functions from it.