BOLT and Text Mesh Pro

Garnette 2 years ago updated 2 years ago 2

Hi, I am running Bolt 1.4 3f2 and Unity 2019.3.0a2 and the version of Text Mesh Pro that came with Unity.  I can't seem to find a TMP Input Field On Value Change Event Unit.  I saw in the forum someone recently recommended to add the Text Mesh Pro UGUI to the Unit Options Wizard Types, which I did and no luck.  I also added the regular Text Mesh Pro Types and even the Text Mesh Pro Editor assembly option and still no luck. What am I missing?  Do the TMP events get set up somehow differently than just using a TMP version of the non-TMP Text Events in BOLT?  I've tried an update event with the TMP input field get text unit, and a few other things but nothing is working on something that should be so simple.  Please help.  Thanks.

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Hi Garnette,

If TextMesh Pro uses C# events to trigger OnValueChanged, you'll be able to see those in Bolt 2 Alpha. Unfortunately, Bolt 1 does not support reflected C# events.

You can also ask for support on the Discord #api or #library channels to help you create a wrapper event unit for TMP specifically. Many users have done it in the past, and if I recall correctly there is a template or tutorial available somewhere... I can't find it now though.


Hi Lazlo,

Turns out all I really needed was a TMP Input Field 'get text' unit to capture what the user types in.  Didn't need 'on value changed'.  After a month of trial and error, I've figured out a lot of my initial questions ;).  Thanks for the response.