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Graph tab reference gets lost after Unity restart

Vong 3 years ago updated 2 years ago 5

I think this was mentioned in the Discord but can't recall or find it but,
If I lock the flow/state graph, can Unity not remember it when I re-open Unity in a new session?
I currently have 4 locked graph tabs and its kind of a pain having to locate and open each of them again every day.

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Hi AiSard,

Thanks for the suggestion, I actually thought this worked already! I think my serialization process for the references is not Unity-reload friendly. Should be a fairly easy fix if it's what I think.

Hmm. Today's the first time this has worked for me (graph tabs remembering on Unity startup) in the past 2 weeks (at the very least). Haven't updated anything. So I guess this feature was already implemented but just isn't working all the time due to Unity reload shenanigans..

Unity Bug

So revisiting this, I'm coming to the conclusion that this isn't formally supported by the Unity editor. Object IDs that are fetchable from the editor do not seem to be guaranteed persistent across Editor restarts, even though they are across assembly reloads. There's nothing much I can do to change that going from here.

That would explain the inconsistency of it only _sometimes_ working..

Is there no way to create a work-around? Even during the game jam I was using upwards of 5 tabs and kept forgetting some of them due to Unity restarts. Some way to save the state of each Graph tab, then on restart iterate through all Editor Windows of type <Graph tab>s? Even if it might be in the wrong order? No idea how it works under the hood, but though its a relatively minor issue, its so annoying to have to face it again (almost) every day..