A window to track upgraded Comment/Todo nodes for improved workflow

Vong 3 years ago updated 3 years ago 2

(Haven't been keeping track of Bolt2 devwork, so no idea if something similar is already done / folded in from Community plugin / in-the-works or not but the idea comes in 2 parts:)

Basically fold in the Comment and Todo nodes from Community and add bells and whistles.
A single node where you can toggle if you want flows, want it to send a warning to the console, colour it, and able to categorize it as a warning/comment/error/reminder/todo/user-gen/etc.

The second part is to have (another..) dockable window/tab that tracks all such nodes in one place (except for selected categories)
With the same colours/categories as in the graphs. Able to be grouped and moved around.
Each with a small 'edit graph' button to quickly go to the graph at that specific node.

I think this would be a lifesaver for larger projects, especially ones that like to use a lot of nested Super Units and Super States. As it essentially replaces the navigation workflow for Bolt graphs. For example, I could organize links to all my 'root' graphs, to unfinished areas I'm currently working on, to fragile spaghetti graphs prone to break, to all the graphs where I put a to-do note on to come back later, etc. 

Not sure if its in the Bolt development vision, being a bit ambitious but also tangential, but I do think the workflow improvements would make the experience much better especially for when you have multiple dozens of graphs lying around.

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I am not sure if this is helpful, but I planned to release this with 2.0 Community Pack, when we fix the units as of Beta. It doesn't do everything you ask, but it is just like any other IDEs find and replace type functionality, but catered to graphs. It'll allow you to at least search for specific node types. I could perhaps add some more options, or an extender to add custom options without meddling with the source.

Also it's a part of a new graph tools add-on I created. If your in a graph, whatever tools the community makes for it will automatically show up in the tool shelf. Allowing you to do more unique custom stuff with the graphs.

It should help for awhile at least, not sure if there is a future plan like find and replace or not.


That's really cool in terms of finding where all your super units are! especially the distinction between graph/macro. A dedicated toolbox is also pretty cool, currently using a separate Graph tab to organize all my useful custom units.

That said, I guess I'm just fixated on the idea of a hub for organizing and linking to all our graphs and points of interest.

I'm just imagining something with your Find functionality, with all those options, but as a Unit with a button on it (similar to the manual trigger community unit). Then just putting them all in a separate Graph tab (or shelf) to be organized as you will. With in this case empty super units acting as reference points instead of Comment units. Which is the functionality I'm kinda getting at in the initial post. (if you ignore the problems of the graph not opening in a new/different Graph tab, and the problem of multiple results of course :T )

But that might be a better suggestion, reusing the tools already present in Bolt rather than making yet another window to house them.. It'd have to be done manually, but that's a small price to pay for organization honestly.