What basic written tutorials would you like to see?

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I want to create a manual section for basic written tutorials.

This will not be a full series on how to create specific types of games (e.g. a platformer or a FPS), but instead very short introductory tutorials that could apply to many games.

What tutorials would you like to see? 

I'll update the topic poll with your suggestions so you can vote on other people's ideas.

3D Third-Person Controller
3D First-Person Controller
2D Platformer Controller
2D Top-Down Controller
Working with animators
Working with the GUI
Creating basic state machines (doors, chests, etc.)
Creating a simple AI state behaviour (patrol, chase, attack, etc.)
Creating a pick-up (coins, health, etc.)
Bolt Version:
Unity Version:
Scripting Backend:
.NET Version (API Compatibility Level):

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Just showing moving gifs is bad, very bad. If at least people could pause the flying gifs then Ok. Text is much better explaining what is being done and also when in video then also explain and not just click around like a mad man as loads of YouTubers do.

Information is the goal, and the more that understand, the more can share their success and the community grows.

Send me something to eagleeyez@gmx.de and I will do something. Doing tutorials would mean I learn too.

Tomorrow I will make a quick getting started video

Seems Lazlo may be doing that for you. I am just another user like you. But i will be happy to share what I have and send it to you.


Cool, I look forward too it.

My wish is the we will all eventually have a Visual scripting asset that everyone can use and want to use and it can do everything that a scripter can do. Well at least under the hood as you still have to understand how programming works.

Hi, today I have now at last gotten my screen capture software to work again after many frustrating hours. In the morning I will make an intro video. The quality will be 1080p.

If anyone is interested I use MovAvi Screen Capture 6, which is an older version, but it does a good job.

Hi eagleeyez,

I'm in the same position with Bolt. After spending some time trying to figure it out, it's just too directly like scripting code. So, I'm actually taking the time to learn how to code in Visual Studio so I can better understand Bolt - but I think to get the fundamentals of code down will be at least 6 months and that is how much i would like to use Bolt competently. 

While I'm not an advanced Playmaker user -  more of a competent user with a fair bit of experience that I do use in a production environment, Bolt is just very much different. I think to really understand Bolt from scratch would take months with no prior knowledge of code.

Point being, I'm all for proper tutorials. But, in the mean time I will just learn how to actually write code, then return to Bolt once I have a solid foundation.



I think the benefit of Bolt is that it's like coding. Assets like Playmaker (while very useful) have made the term "visual scripting" synonymous with systems that are designed to bury most of the detail of game logic and expose only the parameters that we need in a predetermined scenario. I'm not saying there is anything wrong with this approach, but it's uses are often limited. Bolt does exactly what it promises... no need to code, but you have full codebase access. This empowers visual thinkers to effectively code and even learn how to code in the traditional sense. Steve, I disagree on the point that Bolt is an uphill battle without prior coding knowledge... for me at least it's been a bit of a revelation. Far more intuitive then other "visual scripting" tools because it doesn't put limitations on you. Whenever I need to figure something out, I don't need tutorials, I just need the Unity API. That's not to say that Bolt isn't having teething issues, but in time those will be sorted out and it is already a very polished product.


I'd have to agree as well, I've learned more coding from using any # of visual scripting tools then in all my attempts at learning coding directly. Just how my brain is wired. And Bolt is at the top of the pile as far a Unity is concerned for me. 


I put up the start of an intro to bolt tutorial.  The goal of the first part is to show what flow machines and state machines are, and how to connect basic units.  The second part will talk about events.  The third will get into nested machines and macros.

To add to the conversation, I agree with you guys.  The fact you can write a script and have it show up in BOLT as as a unit also allows it to grow with you, which is awesome.

Hi NeedsLoomis,

Where is the tutorial?

He put it in the tutorial section. 

Over the last few days I have been trying to get my cheap headset microphone to sound like a Ferrari and I even bought a new headset to realize that actually I should be purchasing a dedicated microphone and not a headset with one built in. Sadly, despite all my attempts it sounds like bicycle breaks and not a Ferrari.   

So I have now ordered the Auna MIC-900B and after reviewing many YouTube videos, I think I have found the cheapest and a really good microphone to do some awesome tutorials. The mic will arrive on Wednesday and I’ll give it a test drive for you guys.


Maybe i shoud start making tutorials. But i really dont't like these tutorials where the peaple setup their Scene for about five minutes. I would like to make very short (not longer than 5 minutes at all) Tutorial without any basic explanations. Just how to make a specific funktion. Anyone Intressted, or do you like basic tutorials more?
It fells like to have superpowers with bolt as a 3D Arist.
Just made a Timeline controller.


Elin, everyone learns differently.  Make your videos about what you want and they will benefit the people that need it. Others will make theirs their way and so on. Just be concise, clear and make sure they know what you are doing, either in Video, pics, voice etc. There will be videos that cater to New users, coders, non coders and some will be simple, short/long or complex topics. No bad tutorials as they will benefit someone.


Hi everyone! I'm merging this thread with a tutorial suggestion thread.

Let me know what you'd like to see there!



Hi Elin, I look forward to any tutorials you make. And thanks in advance.


Tomorrow i have finally some Time. I saw, that GUI has the most votes, so i gonna start with that and maybe connect it to simple state machines like Open Door, chest....

That sounds great Elin. I look forward to seeing what you come up with.


I'll get to work on the tutorials this week.

Can the people who voted for more GUI tutorials be a bit more specific about what they'd want? GUI is a huge topic!

Well to start with. Using your new pointer events in the new Bolt would be a great start.

I will have a little think tonight and let you know later what I think of.

For most, a simple opening menu with some standard buttons to start game, load level or options. Or even using Unity's UI demo controlled with Bolt, that is the example I am working on. Either would be good starting places that give a broader view on haw to do many things. https://www.assetstore.unity3d.com/en/#!/content/25468

Hi Elin, how are you getting on with your tutorials?

Hi eagleeyez,

Sorry for the delay. I got sick last week and I'm still recovering.
But with Bolt I'm on the right track again and continue the tutorial.
I got into a problem myself. Not really problems, but some architectural questions and im still waiting for answers from professional programmers, but how to make it better


I'd like to see more basic use cases,   It wasn't until I saw Elin's screenshot that I realized that you could have more than one Update() event...   I was scratching my head and came here to see what the manual said.    Maybe it's obvious to other people, but it wasn't straight forward to me.   


Would love to see tutorial on card game (draw from deck, hand management and play it on table)
and other 2D game (top down, tilebased, etc)


Oh, I have a lot of code I could convert to graphs on that.  Hmmm... maybe after the camera tutorial.  I was planning a tile system one, but cards would be fairly quick and simple.


an infinite runner game ! Thanks in Advance!


Best idea is just convert unity learn tutorial with bolt.


I came here to suggest the same as unityvisualscript above, it would be really great to see some of the Unity tutorial projects remade in Bolt, maybe keeping the current text + pictures and gif layout.


I wish bolt has a basic function  tutorial, such as tap interaction, drag interaction, working with list items or arrays, just basic's  because I guess this is meant to be for people who like node base coding and not programing with code. and to say each nodebase program has its own  learning curve, but this product excites and disappoint me at the same time which is due to lack of video tutorial which can be helpful for a beginner level.


The problem with touch controls, and why it keeps coming up, is it is unrelated to Bolt.  Not that it is irrelevant, but learning how Bolt operates should allow you to interact with the exist non-Bolt tutorials.  Bolt doesn't do anything special to them, its 1:1 with the existing Unity tutorials.  Maybe we could do a video of how to convert an existing Unity tutorial in Bolt?

Now lists and dictionaries I feel are more unique, as you do work with those differently in Bolt.  It'll be two weeks before I can record anything, but I'll try to record a quick primer on it.  Any other basics?


Since its soon after the initial release of Bolt, there aren't many tutorials for specific operations but I think it would help everyone tremendously if there were a few simple "C# Code to Bolt" tutorials for some pretty basic functions. 

I see someone suggested converting unity tutorials with Bolt, that would be great, just so you could wrap your head around the code and how it translates into bolts interface. I'm currently following some of the tutorials and will spend some time figuring out how I would convert it to code (Artist/Beginner) but Bolt is great. Being able to see the values and the flow of connections helps to see what happening behind those visual lines of code. Bolt is a great asset so thank you. 

I would definitely like to see making some tools. Like something with some buttons, or looping through multiple items to change a property on it if you have a bunch of them. selecting certain objects based on name and then doing something else with them based on something else, etc.


Please make some Bolt versions of the Unity Learn tutorials! I think it's very hard to learn Bolt if you don't have any pre-existing understanding of programming in C# for Unity. A lot of people coming to Bolt will have tried those tutorials already. They might supply some needed C# context, and maybe make some things click for those who got a headache from looking at script.


i made the Roll-a-Ball tutorial from here:

@Georgie Grace
If you interested, i can upload it.

Or are you more interested in a specific tutorial?

I think an Bolt tutorial on this would be brilliant, they NEED tutorials like this but they have nothing. Please post it if you can and well done!


It would be great if someone did a straight forward tutorial of how to setup an ARKit scene using Bolt. Thanks in advance!

I like to see some touch interaction tutorial, like drag and drop. Tap & hold. Touch down. Scroll. Pinch. Etc


There is a ton of advise out there for Unity in script form but naturally very little for Bolt. I think rather than a course on specifics, the best tutorial course to make would be a tutorial explaining the best way to look side by side at a block of code or the code to a small game project and then create a Bolt project from scratch based upon that code.

This would help to understand how Bolt functions compared to C# coding and mean should you get stuck by something and only able to find solutions in C# you will then know how to transfer that into Bolt visual code.

I would greatly appreciate any tutorials on using Bolt in the context of VR.  Essentially something like the Platformer tutorial series in that it would be a how to get started in visual scripting for VR.

I agree with the sentiment of basic / Unity Learn tutorials. For example, the platformer tutorial is good. I'd like to take that further with a top down project, but can't see how to adapt the collision method.

I am in complete agreement with Steph's post above. I have finished the platformer tutorial, but with no coding experience I am not feeling a bit lost. I am not sure if I should do some coding courses and then come back to Bolt.

Further to my previous post, I have now finished the excellent platformer tutorial but am at a bit of a loss as to how to best progress things from here. I should say that I am pretty much a complete novice at both Unity and Programming having just recently decided to transition from Construct 3, but I am prepared to do the hard yards to get up to speed. I absolutely love using Bolt and it would the only reason why I wouldn't just return back to Construct, 3 but I would appreciate some guidance as to the next steps to take. 

I was thinking that it might be good to just do a comprehensive Unity/C# course on Udemy and to just try and replicate the examples using Bolt. Do you think that would be a good idea?  The course I am thinking about is linked below:


Thats how I started learning. Did the platform tutorial and moved to the Crossy Road tutorial on Udemy using Bolt. You really begin to think and figure things out which most tutorials don't provide, the figure it out method. So I jumped from the basics to intermediate pretty quickly. Having those udemy tutorials for bolt or even the Unity Learn tutorials would be great. Even simple animated GIF's like the ones posted above for very basic things are great as well.

Sounds great. I will give it a shot.


Hi everyone! I just wanted to give you a small update on this.

I know the official tutorials have been a long time coming after the Platformer Tutorial and I apologize for this. The reason is simple: I was focused on improving the tool itself, fixing bugs, adding features, etc. Thankfully though, we now have a new community manager (Hasan, who you've probably met on Discord!) and he's making sure we up our tutorial game.

Here are our plans for the coming weeks:

  • Creating video tutorials for all basic controllers (first person, third person, point & click, top down, etc.)
  • Recreating the example projects on Unity Learn with Bolt and hosting them for download (roll-a-ball, space shooter, etc.)
  • Asking you what you want to see next for "one-off" introductory video tutorials (e.g. GUI, AI, etc.)

Ping @Hasan on Discord in the #tutorials-tips channel if you have ideas!


This is the biggest thing people are waiting for tutorials will be the deal breaker for this, even basic tuts like flappy or angry bird etc, Playmaker already has all this and Bolt DESPERATELY needs some basic tutorials as the platformer videos are not ideal start points

Hi Steven! We agree, we're 100% on board with creating more tutorials. What kind of tutorials from Playmaker do you think are especially useful?

Roll-a-ball bolt version? Flappy example, something very basic to start off so that people can familiarize with bolt. 

Ie Flappy example are everywhere for every engine but NOTHING for bolt?, roll a ball, is from unity and very basic, playmaker also has it but NOTHING for bolt.

We need to start with these basics before platformers etc. Good luck and look forward to the tutorials!!

Flappy bird is a good suggestion for an example project! Will keep in mind, thanks!

Look forward to it, I would like to purchase this but need a few examples etc, also i have PLUS, do u currently have any deals for plus members?, thanks

I received Bolt for free for being a Plus member, but I think that was a one time deal kind of thing.

Yes i am a pro member for 2 years or so but it keep asking me for payment in asset store?!

It was a signup deal back in March, I believe.   Since then it has occasionally gone on sale.

Hi Lazlo, That is excellent news. I am sold.

I am a total beginner and would love some simple examples (3D not 2D) of movement amd uGui like how to type in thing and that effecting objects (like type a speed or size.)


The platformer tutorial does a great job in explaining a lot of basic things well but I've no clue how to approach more complex systems like a reusable inventory system. So a tutorial about a simple yet functional/reusable inventory system would be incredible. 

Exactly what I was thinking, the tut is fantastic and this will cap things off nicely.

I still feel a good tutorial would help us not to perform a specific task but to be able to help ourselves. The old saying of if you give a man fish  he will eat for a day give him a rod and he will get his own food. :)

I would really love a tutorial where a game has been written in C# and then we dissect the code and learn how to translate to visual code in bolt. 


I couldn't agree with Tony H's comment above. I really want to stick with Bolt as I absolutely love the tool, but as a beginner I am really struggling with the lack of tutorials. Please, please, please make this a priority. If it is a resource issue, why don't you consider funding a full course with the help of crowd funding. My vote would be to get the same trainer as did the Platformer tutorial, as I have never seen a better trainer. There are also some great people in the Discord community. Perhaps offer some cash incentives for them to produce material. 

Hey Craig, I have some tutorials that might be helpful for you as a beginner to everything: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCW69tpDEMIbX2rwXKwTnPTQ/videos I'm trying to make these for someone at your level, so I could use your feedback! I started a thread in the tutorials section called "Sandbox Tutorial Series."

I'd pay for quality educational content too. Be it course on Udemy or somewhere else. 

If Lazlo could team up with gamedev.tv these guys do some great courses on Udemy and I am sure they would cover Bolt in detail and keep their course updated as new bolt versions are released. 


As for the idea of doing C# and Bolt side by side at the same time, Lazlo mentioned doing all the official Unity C# tutorials in Bolt. I think it's a great idea because more than half of the job is already done by Unity guys. 


I'll just say that I bought Bolt on the strength of the 2d platformer tutorial alone. Specifically the written portion, though I'm sure the video series played a part. The detail the tutorial goes in to really helps me to get a general grasp of how to use Bolt, even if I never make a platformer. A bit sad that so far its the only one. 

I'd love a tutorial that digs in to complex GUI, but Bolt also desperately needs the first/third person and top-down stuff as well just to cover most of the basics. At this point any tutorial would be welcome if its at the quality of the platformer one, just to see someone go through the motions of utilizing Bolt effectively in an easily digestible format.


honestly I just wish someone started a class. I would be willing to pay money to start from baby steps. I'm in to top down 2d games honestly. Written is better than video to me but straight to the point.

If you do the 2d platformer tutorial, adjusting the player controller to work also for upwards and downwards movement is trivially easy. The same principles apply. 


In response to this poll, here's the top requested tutorial:

I'm working on doors and chests now.

Any chance of getting a Clicker Game Tutorial? Similar to Adventure Capitalist and other Idle Clicker games?

I wasn't familiar with this genre, interesting! I like that such a tutorial could focus on mathy mechanics. I made note of it! There is a UI tutorial on the way next, so that may help you get started. If you spot any tutorials in the ballpark or if any other fun examples show up, please comment here or get my attention on Discord. There are a lot of basics to cover so it may be a while, but I will the genre in mind when we do some mechanic focused tutorials in the future. Thanks!

Here's a discussion on the mathematics involved, from the guy behind Adventure Capitalist:


Lots of math.

Hi everyone!

Just a heads up, our tutorial planning list is now public. You can see what tutorials will come in the future and track their status with our partner YouTubers here:



inventory system plz 

I 2nd this for sure!


Sure thing! We're on hold till Bolt 2, and in the meantime we're listening to requests and organizing/prioritizing things here: https://www.notion.so/161f8f7d38ad4debbce8596cadc4a4aa?v=0e91227e25a14f989281f7458988416d And please join the community on the Ludiq Discord if you ever need help or want to participate in our game jams :D https://discord.gg/n22WzT

I would like to see a tutorial about joints in Bolt