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Instantiate prefab - no script running on ios

Vborcard 3 years ago updated 3 years ago 3


Bug that seems related with prefab.

1. Create a 2D sprite "Flight" - Create a prefab from it
2. Create an empty game Object "Board" and attach a flow machine that instantiates 2 "Flights".

3. Open "Flight" prefab and attach a flow machine that change positions of "flights" at start.

4. Generate C# scripts : "Script generation succeeded. 2 graphs were converted to C#".
5. Build for iOS : 

6. Start project on XCode (10.1)
7. Building on iOS iphone
8. The 2 instiantiated objects stay at the position provided in instantiate. The script with "local position don't work".
- It's the same result if I had a cooldown between "start" and "local Position" or if I try to do other things on the Flight prefab script.
- But, if I put the prefab directly in the scene. The script works.

Bolt Version:
Unity Version:
Scripting Backend:
.NET Version (API Compatibility Level):
Bolt 2

Just tried with Unity : 2018.3.14f1 . Same result

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Hi Vborcard,

Thanks for the report, sorry you're experiencing the issue. Do you get any runtime error in iOS? Can you look at the log file?

There's no error at runtime. See the log below

2019-06-03 17:33:02.211084+0200 ProductName[1834:998879] [DYMTLInitPlatform] platform initialization successful
2019-06-03 17:33:02.261446+0200 ProductName[1834:998705] Built from '2018.3/release' branch, Version '2018.3.9f1 (947e1ea5aa8d)', Build type 'Release', Scripting Backend 'il2cpp'
2019-06-03 17:33:02.265610+0200 ProductName[1834:998705] -> registered mono modules 0x10635af30
-> applicationDidFinishLaunching()
2019-06-03 17:33:02.400921+0200 ProductName[1834:998705] Metal GPU Frame Capture Enabled
2019-06-03 17:33:02.401251+0200 ProductName[1834:998705] Metal API Validation Disabled
2019-06-03 17:33:02.526218+0200 ProductName[1834:998705] [MC] Lazy loading NSBundle MobileCoreServices.framework
2019-06-03 17:33:02.526966+0200 ProductName[1834:998705] [MC] Loaded MobileCoreServices.framework
-> applicationDidBecomeActive()
GfxDevice: creating device client; threaded=1
Initializing Metal device caps: Apple A10 GPU
Initialize engine version: 2018.3.9f1 (947e1ea5aa8d)
UnloadTime: 3.122708 ms