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Live editing isn't working, Bolt preferences missing, no console warnings

Elvisish 3 years ago updated by Lazlo Bonin (Lead Developer) 2 years ago 7

Live editing is broken, selecting the object in hierarchy doesn't make any difference.

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Bolt 2

Did you follow the installation instructions?

Yeah, this is an old project that's been fine before I updated to 2018.4 and had to reimport all. It tends to get screwed up during reimport, though.

Another user had the same problems on Discord after Reimport. Can you please paste in some of the errors or warnings you see in the console? Otherwise, it's hard to determine the source of the issue with no leads. The other user had some. 

Yeah, it was me, sorry! I've changed my profile to match, I was using an old name :D

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Thanks for the report Elvishish, I'll have to investigate, I'll ping back when I figure out what happens.

EDIT: Sorry, no preferences are still broken in 2019.

Cannot Reproduce

Hi Elvishish,

Sorry for the late reply on this, I'm going over old B2 bug reports.

In the latest alpha, preferences and project settings seem to work on both Unity 2018.4 and Unity 2019.3.