Any State stops working after transitioning once

liboamarco 3 years ago updated by Lazlo Bonin (Lead Developer) 2 years ago 11

I have a transition from the "Any state" to a custom state. In the transition I simply check a boolean in an update cycle, if true, the transition is triggered. After it triggers, the "Any state" stops working, I can see in the Graph editor window that there is no "active flow" going out from the update block.

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Bolt 2

I'm having the same problem:

Once trigger transition happens, Update stops working, and I'm certain it works before upgrading to 2.0.0a5


Please press the graph share button (the one with a cloud and arrow on it). It will automatically take a screenshot and add a link to the clipboard of your state machine. Paste that imgur link in here so it's easier for Lazlo to test the issue. 

TLDR; Skip to the mp4 at step 6 to see exactly what's happening live.

Just a heads up that I get this same issue when using Bolt 2.0.0.a5 and Unity 2019.1.4f1.

The updates in the following machine stop working.

1. Overview: 


2. Any State -> Player Move Update:


3. Player Move graph, which should move the flow back to Player Idle after the user clicks:


4: Any State -> Player Idle Update: 


5: Player Idle, which should transition back into Any State: 


6: Video of the bug occurring: https://i.gyazo.com/30ed953ee507b44bd92416d4f09a2376.mp4

For context, this is based on the Bolt Moba movement tutorial here:

I'm going to give this tutorial a shot with 2.0.0a4. I'll update this post to remark on whether or not this bug occurs there.

Pending Review

Hey everyone, thanks for the report. Probably messed something up in the any state exit logic somewhere along the alphas, will have a look!

Has this been identified as a bug? I'm trying to test alpha 5 but I'm stuck with this one-off Any State bug, I'm not aware of there being a good workaround until it's hopefully fixed in alpha 6?


Hi Elvishish, I'm terribly sorry you've been stuck with this issue for a while now, and it is likely a bug in Alpha 5 still, yes. I just haven't had time to address Bolt 2 alpha bugs for a few weeks, but I will get to it eventually. 

Thanks! I’ve been working a lot with Bolt 2 alpha and it’s really fully-functional in so many ways, but I really miss Any State for enemy wounded states! 😄

Any news on this bug? has it by any chance been fix in Alpha 6? many thanks in advance

Fixed (Unreleased)

Hi everyone,

This will be fixed in the next version. I also fixed re-entry when branching from the Any state to a re-enterable state. Thank you for your patience!