Need some small tutorial with Bolt + Save Game Pro

Akuma no Tsubasa 3 years ago updated by William ianneci 3 years ago 1


before I am going to start with my game I want to understand how I securely save games and use cloudsaves and playfab to have players not cheating. While I manage to save simple variables from a script I totally fail to use Save Game Pro with Bolt.

I know this is a lot to ask but I still hope someone does know the asset and can help me, as the dev of SGP isn't really helping. All help I can get from him is "import what you need and use the blocks" :/

As said, I want to use PlayFab to secure the savestates, to have it impossible, or at least very hard, for players to cheat. So it would be really great if someone could show me a small example on how to save securely save stuff and transfer it to playfab and back to the user?

Big thanks in advance!

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Akuma, as SaveGamePro is a paid asset it may be best to ask in our Discord channels to see if anyone owns it and ask your questions there.