Missing pointer events for GUI

eagleeyez 4 years ago updated by Lazlo Bonin (Lead Developer) 4 years ago 6

I need an example with UI and Trigger On pointer enter (event data)

Just how to use the UI mouse stuff in Bolt

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Please, anyone out there, that has managed to trigger a Bolt custom Event with a mouse over a ui button? It is driving me crazy. With the other ones with event data, i di not know what it wants. I have the event system in the scene. Triggering events in playmaker with the unity event system is dead easy, just point to the fsm with the event on trigger enter, game object and then in functions dropdown playmaker fsm send event.

For using event Data i think most of us here are helpless. 
But you can use trigger event componants on your UI Elements to enable or disable your flow machines.
I wished i could just send custom events like playmaker.
I think we could use SendMessage(string) but when i try to trigger a custom Event with that nothing happens. Console says, that my Object has no receiver. But Bolt is creating a unity Message Listener on the gameobject with the flow machine.

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Hi eagleeyez,

You're right, these handlers are missing from Bolt in the current version, because they're implemented differently in Unity and so I forgot about them when creating the GUI events.

The new GUI events will be:

  • On Pointer Enter
  • On Pointer Exit
  • On Pointer Down
  • On Pointer Up
  • On Pointer Click
  • On Select
  • On Deselect

I really look forward to that Lazlo