YouTube Bolt Quick intro and tutorials from eagleeyez

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This first video is a quick intro to Bolt. Later I will add tutorials here as I go along. Tomorrow I will start adding tutorials here.

Is the quality OK? Can you understand me well with my African, German, British dialect?

Am I talking to quickly or is the tempo OK.

Please tell me, even if something is rubbish, as I can only improve the videos if I know that something is not right.

01 YouTube Bolt Quick intro and tutorials from eagleeyez


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You sound fine. Good starting place for those who are new.

Wow, awesome! :) I really liked it. You sound great, don't worry about your voice, it's actually quite soothing. Your tempo is good as well.

My only little issue is with that part on arrays at the end. Bolt doesn't include array by default because it provides a lot of units to work with lists, which are basically resizable arrays. Look into the Collections > Lists folder, and you'll see much easier and nicer units to create lists, add and remove items, clear, and even merge. These units also happen to work if you pass an array as a source (instead of an actual list), so no need to add the array type!

Looking forward to see more! I'll post this one on Twitter for now :)

Super! Thanks I did not see that with collections

Here is tutorial 01


This is my first tutorial for Bolt. It is copied from a written tutorial from NeedsLoomis which you can find in the Bolt community under tutorials or here:

http makes://support.ludiq.io/topics/347-bolt-101-or-babys-first-game/

In the video there are a few mistakes, when in one unit I write damage, it should actually be score. This makes no difference to the project as I do correct myself later on the events.

This tutorial shows you how to have a killer cube move from left to right giving the player damage if he hits it. If the player jumps over the killer cube he will receive points. If the Player falls over the edge of the platform he dies.