How to use a two dimensional array as a graph variable ?

kicktherabbit 4 years ago updated 4 years ago 4


I added the Array(Sytstem) in the "type list" (Liquid>Project Settings etc). So now its possible instanciate an 2D array and use it in the graph. But how can I define variable as a 2D Array. If I use Set Variable, it creates the variable but in the value field it says "Error drawing ListInspector"  ... Failure: ArgumentExeption: Only single dimensional arrays are supported.

Is there a way to get a 2D array as a variable ?

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Im not sure personally, but you could always propagate a list with a custom class that holds multiple variables.  Would be a pain in the ass to do the fancy length calculations and whatnot tho.

Don't forget the formual node.

How did you instantiate a 2d array? I added Array List and array to the ludig preferences

I don't see create 2d array in the fuzzy finder.


codebase>system>array>Create Instance (Element Type, Length1, Length2) . Then you have you two dimensional array. Fill with "Set Value" etc etc. Easy to use. 3 dimensional are also possible. But since you have no "variable" you can only connect it directly inside the graph. (I think)