Collapsing sections for the community forum

eagleeyez 3 years ago updated by Lazlo Bonin (Lead Developer) 3 years ago 2

I see now that we are going to need 2 different tutorial threads. One is like the one we have now which is building tutorials and discussing about them and the other would be finished and ready to use tutorials.  Otherwise newcomers are just going to have to scroll through loads of in-between comments which could get very laborious.

It’s just a suggestion.  So, one thread is open to discussions and the other one not.

Is it possible to do this like word can do it? This way tutorials could be more structured in steps and you would not have to scroll through meters of pics. Just click what you want to see.

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I have already suggested to Lazlo a section or thread be made for TuT requests, and of course that could be discussion as well and leave the current TuT section just for the actual TuT's. Simple enough for him to implement if he wants no doubt


Unfortunately this is not possible with the community forum software we use (UserEcho).

You can, however, create headings with the first item in the toolbar: