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Cant open the Graph Window anymore

kicktherabbit 4 years ago updated by Lazlo Bonin (Lead Developer) 4 years ago 3

I accidently drag & dropt it at my second screen. Since then, I cant open the graph anymore. Even if I reset the layout (thought I put the window somewhere). When I press Edit Graph in the inspector, it only opens the Graph Inspector ... but no Graph. If I go under Window>Graph ... nothing happens. 

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Hi Kicktherabbit, welcome to the community!

Do you get any error or warning log in the console when you try to open the window?


Oops ... I just found out, that it wasnt a bolt problem. It was just a windows arragment problem. Like I said I dropped the Graph accidently on my second screen. But somehow completly out of sight. I first thought of that, but when I resetted the layout of unity everything went back but not the Graph screen. It was still not visible. 

10 Minutes ago, for some other reason I just unconnected my second screen and ...  look who is back... :-)

So everthing is perfect. Maybe think about setting back the bolt window possions, when unity layout is resetted ...

So ...

Your tool is awesome and so much fun to play with. I teach playmaker at an art&design school, but I think, next semester I will bring bolt into class.

Thx for the great work.

Not a Bug

Haha, glad you got it working! Unfortunately I have no control over the Unity window layout, that's handled by the editor itself.