Breadcrumbs parent keyboard shortcut

eagleeyez 4 years ago updated by Alej 3 years ago 7

Please let me press the left arrow key to go back through the breadcrumbs or double click on an empty space in the graph or both of these.

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Great suggestion! I'll look into it, should be rather easy to implement.

Hi Lazlo. I really, really desperately need this possibility sooner as your roadmap is planned. There is a very good reason for this. The reason you would not really believe me unless I showed you, so maybe if it helps to get this feature done ASAP. I will make a video showing exactly why this is so important for me and maybe others too.

Completed (Unreleased)

Implemented. Shortcut will be PageUp.

Wicked! and thanks

This is great, I would rather have had arrow left or backspace but I am not going to complain. Thanks, as I do need it.

Very Wicked, works really well.

Was going to come here to suggest this same idea. It's a good one. Would be nice to see it documented with more visibility.