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Where can I find Application.Quit?


Searched the nodes, searched the docs as usual.

I may be stepping away from Bolt for a while until there is some kind of learning center or proper tutorials. I dunno, I feel like I shouldn't be having to ask where can I find the Application.Quite node and I also don't like spamming this forum for help on such basic things.

As always, thanks!

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So, I added the Custom Type Application from the Preferences > Ludiq menu. Is that the right process for this? If I don't find a node type for a particular function I just search for it there as well? In the Preferences> Ludiq menu, I mean.

You did the right thing.  It looks like most of the types people use are on by default, but a few were overlooked.

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Hi Steve,

You're all right, I just overlooked to add Application as a default type. I'll include it from v.1.0.4 and add a prettier icon for it as well.

Out of curiosity, @NeedsLoomis you mentioned other types that were overlooked. Which ones did you have to add?